Borgholm Center for Contemporary Art and Research

About Us

The Borgholm Center for Contemporary Art and Research was founded in February 2022  by Helle Kvamme, artist, Edward Whittaker, artist and Kristina Kvamme, MSc soil science. The program of exhibitions, research and seminars stems from the need to open up both research and practice to new parameters of evaluation and experience. BCCAR will create an environment that will challenge research process and art practice to bring us closer to the actual earth and the landscape of study.

BCCAR wants construct an interface between visual art  and ecological science. This is mainly in the context of an island with unique biodiversity but also in the wider context of knowledge which can develop from sensory research models. This means that BCCAR is interested in raising contemporary questions around ecology, and examine how such issues present themselves to artists and scientists.

BCCAR  is the location of the Föreningen för Konst och Natur på Öland. The association is there to support the work of BCCAR.  The building at Trädgårdsgatan in Borgholm consists of two floors both of which are suitable for exhibition and research purposes. The upstairs space is also available for short residencies by visiting artists and researchers.